• Artificial Intelligence Overview: What it Could Mean For Our World

    Many of the headline companies in the field of telecommunications and computer technologies have started researching into the future of Artificial Intelligence. Many also think that 2017 will be the year for A.I. When we look at the artificial intelligence overview, we can see three major companies showing great interest in researching A.I. For example, […]

  • Robotics research topics: To the Moon and Beyond

    Humans beware! Robots are set to take over and leave you without a job – and now to the moon and beyond is part of the agenda. Robotics research topics include looking at how robots, from domestic or household robots such as robotic vacuum cleaners and robotic pool cleaners to industrial robots, will play a […]

  • Service Robotics -From Science Fiction to Reality

    What was once reserved for the pages of sci-fi books and movie reels is now becoming a reality that is set to hit every retail shop all over the world. Consider this all too common scenario: you make a quick dash to the local hardware shop for a part, but end up spending more than […]

  • Is There A Danger to Computer Simulation Software?

    Computer simulation software is no longer in the domain of engineers and scientists hunched over supercomputers pushing art. Microprocessors are becoming faster and smaller making it possible for the home PC user to harness the power of an advanced simulator. Some simulators you will find in homes today include – • Flight simulators with enhanced […]

  • Engineering at University: Why you need to include elements of Advanced computational technology

    Engineers always seem to have a solution to every given problem. Did you know that they use both math and science to solve problems? For this reason, most students choose to pursue engineering at university. Here, engineers are tasked with the responsibility of finding practical uses of the scientific discoveries done by scientists and find […]

  • Computer consulting companies and Advanced computational technology

    Is there a firm anywhere in the world that does not use computer systems or other more advanced technological innovations? Most businesses conduct their operations via the Internet. Current day business atmosphere is characterised by constant innovations. Any business, in any industry, should realise that innovation can be an opportunity or a threat depending on […]

  • How can Advanced Computational Technology help my business?

    Advanced computational technology is a capable technology of networks and algorithms that can help your business through the use of synergized intelligence which contributes to generating formulated network structure. The architecture of a comprehensive methodology is designed using advanced computational technology with the aid of backpropagation learning algorithm optimisation. Definitive mechanisms are the most sophisticated […]